Just me, I am me

Just me, I am me is a mental health forum run by Geoff Dixon.

Just me, I am me is a mental health forum which aims to help people who suffer with mental health, are part of a mental health team or just need someone to talk to.

The project was created by fellow suffererer Geoff Dixon in August 2016 who, after facing numerous obstacles throughout his life, wanted to do something to help other people.

The idea for this group stemmed from his involvement in a similar group, after which he decided to create his own as he wanted to incorporate other services that weren’t always available.

Even though the group is small, with 108 members and Geoff the only admin, it is growing. From day one, Geoff wanted the group to be inclusive and be open to everyone no matter your age, gender etc. Although Geoff himself is a practicing Catholic, he wants to help everyone and says “You will see in places it talks about Catholicism but I like to think that I run it in a very open way.”

“I want it to be open to everyone”

Despite not having any training, Geoff makes himself available seven days a week between the hours of nine-to-five on weekdays and two-to-nine on weekends, in order to offer support and advice as a fellow sufferer. Geoff says, “I was hoping by now to be open ten until ten.” He is currently advertising for an admin in order to help him to provide more services for people – this is available through the groups Facebook page.

“I run it in a very open way”

The group provides support through numerous different platforms such as:

  • Facebook – here Geoff posts positive and fun quotes and picture where people are able to comment and share on these posts.
  • Website – this provides lots of information regarding places to find advice, crisis lines and information.
    • The website also provides a free forum where people are able to talk to Geoff. You are also able to contact Geoff through Facebook.
    • There are sample documents which outline Geoff’s experience, template letters, a mood diary, suggestions on what to ask the doctor etc.
  • The organisation is slowly gathering momentum throughout other platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Resource Pack – there is a resource pack available which provides advice and support to both people with mental health and those that can help people who have mental health who are struggling. One of the topics it discusses is suicide, as Geoff says, “Sadly this does happen.”

Regardless of how small the community is it cannot be denied that Geoff and his support group provide much needed support for people struggling with mental health both through his own experiences and by simply just being someone to talk to.


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